'Light Burns All' as a single on viinyl

I just love this old-school idea of singles. I remember how exciting it was to hunt for rare vynil Maxi’s and collect those b-sides and remixes. Maybe that’s one of the directions where digital would need to move?

Luckily, there’s a website which understands the importance of this format – viinyl.com. Even though they don’t follow exactly the route of Maxi’s (it’s more about 7″ singles, if one would draw a comparison), but the platform and the realization are just top notch.

And did I mention they also have a French sub-menu for our French speaking friends out there?

Anyway, Calfskin is also represented on the website with “Light Burns All” as a single. You may download the track as well for your collection.

Light Burns All @ viinyl
..and even with lyrics!